Thursday, July 31, 2003

Australia: Wild Animal Kingdom

I don't know what in the hell the deal is with Australia's wildlife. CNN recently ran a story on Koala bears, who apparently are being put on birth control pills because they are in danger of breeding themselves into extinction. That’s right, it's Koalas Gone Wild!! See what happens when krazy kollege koalas get out on spring break and hit the town! And if over-sexed Koala sluts aren't your thing, check out the Zeus bug. Man does this guy know how to live or what? All he does is ride around the back of a female Zeus bug (who is twice his size) everywhere, who feeds him and has sex with him as often as he wants. That's right, she drives him around, cooks him every meal, and gives out constant sex. They might as well call it the Asian Stud bug, because this little guy is just living the dream. You throw in the boxing Kangaroos and Paul Hogan (That's not a witty one liner. THIS IS A WITTY ONE LINER.) and Australia may have the coolest wildlife around. Except for that fucked up duck/beaver thing.

-Matt out


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