Monday, June 30, 2003

I like monkeys

Birthday time is coming, and I want one thing more than anything else. A pet monkey. And not a little one, but a big chimp. One that likes beer. I would name him Reginald, and would train him to punch anyone in the balls who said he had a stupid name. We could toss on the quad between class, I'll bet he'd be smart enough to learn hammers. The Ultimate team could sub him in for Tarek when noone is looking. He could even wear a bowtie to parties. If only I had friends who were cool enough to hook that up. God, I hate all my friends.

--Hawaii out


Yeah, so this is what happens when people get too bored for their own good. I'd feel worse if you weren't wasting your own time bothering to read it. I'll try to at least be entertaining, although I'm sure the internet needs more people posting various inane claptrap and what have you. Of course, I know what I don't want to post much more than what I do. Prizes will be awarded for useful suggestions.

--Hawaii out